Throughout the year, there are multiple reasons to need American Football tickets; whether it is for the NFL, the Super Bowl, the CFL Grey Cup (Canadian Football League), or even the college football tickets within others, seeing your favorite football team win at a live game is the real goal and pleasure. There really is nothing better than to experience the football games live, in person, with the radiating euphoria of all other fans, music, and bass that the stadiums resonate to, vibrating your chest, and having your beer, drinks and food all while cheering on the football teams. Keep in mind too that if you have some football NFL bets on the game, then you will really enjoy watching the game in person as oppose to in front of a TV screen.

Additionally, you should be able to make some NFL bets on how long it takes for tickets to be sold out or similar prop NFL bets.

In order to get the best deals on tickets, knowing about how tickets are sold and which ones to look for is your path to success. Luckily, we have taken the liberty to go through the annoying task of researching the ticket websites out there for the most trust-worthy, reputable, and with the best deals possible – saving you time and providing you with discount through the links below.

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What if you forgot to buy your NFL Tickets

These days, you will be hard pressed to find a sports site that does not mention NFL ticket exchange. There is even a link to this type of service on the official NFL website. Thanks to the internet, this is the new way to buy and sell tickets, which is why we have searched for some trust-worthy sites to buy from with discounts and deals too – by going via our links.

The website that hosts buying and selling tickets takes a small percentage of every sale in order to cover their base expenses, but again, we usually get a discount on these for you. Otherwise, how much the NFL Football tickets cost is between the buyer and the seller. This means they can be more or less expensive than the original price – depending on your luck.


Main advantage of buying NFL tickets online

One thing that you can rely on with purchasing your NFL tickets online is that you are covered in case of fraud. By using online websites for your NFL ticket exchange, you will be able to report any fraudulent activity to your credit card provider. This is an advantage over buying them from someone in person or paying cash after finding an ad in a free online bulletin board.

One final advantage for buying NFL tickets online is that this provides a great way to verify the seat numbers on the tickets against the online seating chart for the stadium. Usually, if a ticket is fishy, it will be for a seat behind a field viewing obstruction (like a pole).

Special types of NFL tickets

Did you know that the NFL plays games overseas too? Teams from the United States have started playing some of their season games in London, England and even Toronto, ON, Canada. For these purposes, you will need to look for NFL International Series tickets. Just like season tickets, you will see these London NFL game tickets sold online. Of course, to go to these games from North America, you will need a visa and a passport too (depending on your status).
Currently, games will begin in late October 2012 and continue until at least 2016 at Wembley Stadium. The first two teams to play will be the New England Patriots versus the St. Louis Rams. From there on out, the Rams will dominate Wembley Stadium until 2015.

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NFL Football Tickets

Each season begins in August and ends around January. When the NFL season is winding down, you will start to see playoff teams emerging. These key games with the best teams will lead to the Super Bowl and can be the most desirable. If your team is out of the Super Bowl, you might want to buy ones for a team that is winning. In these types of situations, you will need to start scouting out your favorite ticket exchange websites in advance to get ready for key NFL playoff games in December and January.

NFL tickets for the Super Bowl

Super Bowl XLVI tickets went on sale almost as soon as the previous Super Bowl ended. This means that there are plenty of chances to get ready for the 2013 New Orleans final game. In addition to the Super Bowl tickets, you can also purchase packages. There is a hospitality focus with many of the stadiums and New Orleans is one of them. The pricing may be confusing at first, but when you see the extra services offered at the stadium, you will be happy that the money was spent on such a special occasion.

NFL Draft and NFL Pro Bowl tickets

Around the end of April, the NFL Draft is underway and there are tickets to go along with it. This year, Radio City Music Hall will be accompanying the draft season making tickets invaluable. This is an event that will have the full attention of the NFL hospitality team, and that means surprises await.

For example, NFL tickets sold for the 2012 Pro Bowl meant flying to Honolulu, Hawaii to watch the best players from the past duke it out in paradise. When you are buying NFL tickets, be sure to check if ‘on location’ will be there. If so, this means customized, VIP access to whichever event that they are accompanying.

Grey Cup CFL football tickets

If you love NFL tickets why not try Canadian football? CFL tickets are in demand as much as the American NFL league. The premiere CFL event that mirrors the Super Bowl is called the Grey Cup. This has been played in Canada for over 100 years, and, currently it is the largest television audience in Canada for a sporting event. For this reason, you will want to start looking for CFL Grey Cup tickets as soon as possible.

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NFL College Football tickets

Each year, there are playoff games for college football that every NFL fan wants to see. These primarily revolve around Conference USA Football with their annual championship game. There are also the NCAA FCS Championship Game that includes the NCAA Division II and Division II championship. However there are also NFL fans looking for tickets to college bowl games. Some famous bowls are listed below.

• Rose Bowl
• Sugar Bowl
• Armed Forces Bowl
• Cotton Bowl
• Military Bowl
• Music City Bowl
• New Mexico Bowl
• Poinsettia Bowl
• Sun Bowl

NFL Tickets for college rivalries

While the conference seasons may not be that exciting for NFL fans, there are bowls and rivalry games between colleges that alma mater flock to attend. Some of the classic football games that NFL ticket buyers will prowl for include the following:

• Army/Navy Game Football
• Backyard Brawl – Pittsburgh v West Virginia
• Civil War – Oregon v Oregon State
• Cowboys Classic
• Duel In The Desert – Arizona v Arizona
• Kentucky/Louisville Game Football
• Lone Star Showdown – Texas v Texas
• The Game – Harvard v Yale