Using reviews of online sportsbooks is a great way to help navigate the large amount of information that the internet throws at you when you are educating yourself about gambling. Each review offers a little bit of insight into whether or not it is supported in your country of residence, what is required to set up an account, and which types of sports they offer.

Can Americans bet online?

If you search the internet for online sportsbooks geared toward Americans, you can start to see a lot of conflicting information. Part of this problem is due to the struggling history that online sportsbooks have had to deal with in America. Although there have been laws in place since the mid-1960s, the internet was a gray area for gambling online.

However, starting in 2010, a major shift to clean up the online gambling world took place in the U.S. The result of this sweep led to immediate changes that were only rectified in late 2011. While this may have been an abrupt shock to many online gamblers at the time, the results benefit everyone involved.

Now, websites advertised toward Americans are safer, more secure, and follow all U.S. laws. This means that websites now have to operate on the straight and narrow and usually cannot accept bets from outside of the United States. Specifically, the website must be owned and operated for U.S. customers – even if that business is outside of the U.S.

If users from the U.S. get confused, the website will inform them that they do not take registration from American users from certain states.

Why online sportsbooks work for so many pro gamblers

In the United States, gambling with a private bookie is frowned upon. Despite the legality of private betting exchanges throughout the rest of the world, the U.S. wants to ensure that every wager is controlled. For this reason, your available locations to physically place a bet are usually limited to Nevada and other casino operations owned by Native American nations.

Otherwise, your only choice is to use a website that is based in Native American territory or Nevada. Regardless, one of the main reasons so many gamblers love online sportsbooks is their addiction to social media and using their smartphones.  Online sportsbooks definitely put other gamblers in touch with peers interested in exchanging tips all while allowing users to place a bet at work or when they are on the road.

Throughout 2012, you will also hear more on California and their move to be more liberal about wagering. This could easily lead to more online sportsbooks that are focused on an American audience.

Making more profits with online sportsbooks

For many Americans, figuring out how to use the internet for online sportsbooks has often represented too many challenges. Instead, they figure it is easier to forget about online betting altogether. Naively, many U.S. residents will then place a bet on the Super Bowl with a local bookie without realizing it is illegal.

In addition to these issues, one of the main problems with using offline bookies is that they do not have a comparable pool compared to the ones online. In other words, when online sportsbooks take bets for the Super Bowl and other NFL events, they are not taking bets from a few individuals that a bookie would know.

Instead, they are allowing thousands of people to place their bets. This means that when you win, you will win a lot more the legal way than with your local illegal bookie down the street.

Paying for your online sportsbook

When you are placing a bet with your local bookie, you are always dealing in cash. Of course, a few crime thriller shows on T.V. have taught Americans that you never ask for credit from a bookie. For this reason, it pays to know that you can use online sportsbooks to place a bet using a credit card.

In fact, VISA is the preferred way that online sportsbooks take deposits. This means that you do not need miss out on placing a bet because you are waiting on payday. You also do not get your legs broken by VISA if you cannot repay the credit.

#1 online sportsbook tips

For using online sportsbooks, many current users have three basic pieces of advice. The first tip is to never mix wagering and alcohol. This may seem strange considering that these often go together with sports, but gambling forums will tell you a different tale. Other advice includes always making a minimum wager on your first bets.

Finally, the one fact that online bettors wish everyone knew when they first started is to call customer service when you have a problem. It sounds simple, but the online forums are always counseling new gamblers on this basic fact. After all, behind every gambling website is a real person that is ready to help you get started with the online sportsbook world.