Betting Football Online VS Offline

Each year, there is an increase for betting football online vs. offline. This is especially true as the U.S. gains larger numbers of reliable and legal gambling websites. This is also happening due to smartphones, mobile betting, and the advantages of placing a wager in real-time while the NFL games are being broadcast.

More often than not, Americans are relieved that they have access to sports bookmakers without needing to travel to Nevada. After evaluating the advantages of betting football online vs. offline, you will soon see why the online ones have the largest betting pools and highest winnings.

Betting on football offline

When you are getting ready to bet on the NFL, sometimes a friend will ask if you want to “go in” with them. Of course, they are referring to their favorite bookie. This bookie makes their own sportsbook and is generally a member of your local community. Sadly, in the United States, many gamblers are not aware that most informal offline gambling is illegal.

The exceptions to this rule are in the state of Nevada. California is also relaxing some key laws that restrict bookies. Unless you enjoy traveling to Nevada every weekend, betting football online vs. offline offers a pleasant legal alternative for U.S. citizens.

Online football betting advantages

Today, everyone loves to get online and chat with their friends. Part of this drive to have a community forum is what brings some gamblers to betting football online vs. offline. Of course, when your boss does not allow you to place a bet from your computer at work, using your smartphone or mobile is a welcome alternative.

For the wagering websites, phone bets gives them a chance to offer their customers options like in-play or live betting. Since these bets can only take place when the game is actually occurring, online and mobile functions facilitate this process. The benefits for the gambler is that there are bets not normally placed offline.

For example, if a player makes a 50 yard pass during a live game, the website will ask online bettors if the same player will make an additional 50 yard pass before the game is over. These fast-paced bets are a lot of fun in addition to being a great way to make more profits from every game.

NFL Betting Guide

With all online betting, we like to take our time and effort to help our visitors and viewers with descriptions, examples, and valuable information for different betting related terms or betting types that you will sooner or later run into at any time. These terms include:

Future Betting is a betting type that you will see in NFL when you are listed all teams during normal NFL season and asked which you think is going to win the championship.
Halftime Betting is a betting choice, where you bet on possible outcomes within the the half-time of the game.
Mobile Betting is what you think it is – betting on your mobile device, whichever it may be.
Betting Odds are the numbers you will be given for each betting choice and the potential earning potential if you were to be on x or y team/choice.
Over/Under Betting is another popular betting type on whether the outcome will be over or under the estimated final overall score.
Reverse Betting is a more advance betting option that should be done once you are comfortable with the basics first.
Round Robing Betting is another more advanced betting option that once again, should be done once you are comfortable with other types of betting on the NFL.
Spread Betting is one of the most common types of betting on football, involving the score differentiation from each team.
Teaser Betting is a more advance betting type too.
Understanding the House will give you an edge at betting on the NFL or for any other sports betting for that matter.

Make sure you read through them carefully to fully understand all aspects of betting and for a higher understanding of your options, and profit potentials – if not further excitement in the game.

Payout advantage of betting football online vs. offline

All former arguments aside, one of the real reasons that many people will choose betting football online vs. offline is about the money. After all, if you are working with a bookie, they make their own numbers. This means the user simply must accept what they will pay you if you win.

On the other hand, when you are betting at a casino, they do the exact same thing that a bookie does. Basically, they must make a profit and somehow this is going to come out of your winnings. While a casino is a little bit more upfront than a bookie, their percentages are actually very high.

In most cases, a casino will charge between fifteen and 30 percent of your winnings as their payout or vig (-orish). After all, it does take some money to stay in business. When you win, they simply take back some of that for their expenses.

For these reasons, many professional bettors find that betting football online vs. offline is more profitable. Instead of taking out 15 to 30 percent, the “house cut” is regulated to a bare minimum. This is a point of competition between all of the online gambling websites and this is also how they are able to offer you so many rebates, coupons, and free bets.

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Online football betting appeals to fantasy NFL

With the rise of fantasy football comes the increase in online betting. Naturally, betting football online vs offline is aligned with fantasy football. After all, fantasy football is associated with statistics from multiple games and players. This is easier to look at online and the new stats are posted there instantly.

Along with this goes live betting options that focus on pitting one player against another. A popular example is for a wager to appear during Monday Night Football that asks if Tim Tebow will score more points at the end of the night than Tom Brady.

Other features that have fans betting football online versus offline is the ability to keep up with the news that affects NFL wagers. On popular betting websites, you will have news stories written by other gamblers that can point you toward making more accurate predictions that increase your chances of winning. Many of these writers are also fantasy football experts.

Betting  football online for the picks

If you are browsing for the internet looking for the best ways to bet on the NFL, you may have come across picks. When betting football online vs. offline, one of the advantages is getting free advice from experts. Many of these experienced NFL gamblers will encourage you to use one of their free tips to win a bet. If you like their picks, you can continue to buy their predictions.

In the end, it is the amount of winning information (like picks) that a new gambler can access that keeps them interested on betting football online vs. offline.