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Betting on the NFL is a Huge Business

When you talk about sports betting in America the one game that instantly comes to mind is football as it is the most popular sport in America, and the one league that stands out the most is the NFL. The National Football League, originally formed since 1920 under the name of the ‘American Professional Football Association’. NFL Betting has become an American past time, that we love, find entertainment in, and in most cases, find some lucrative results (mainly as entertainment and extra cash in your pockets).

One major reason for NFL Betting’s popularity has to do with the fact that the season is not overly long. Baseball, basketball and hockey seasons all run much longer, and that means that people can lose interest over time (minus the playoffs and championship game of course). The football season and NFL betting season from start to the end, with the Super Bowl (first even game played in 1933), is less than six months, jammed-packed with fun and excitement all around.

Also, the NFL has just 32 football teams with each playing 16 single games. This is not like college football, which is also heavily bet on, but can be daunting to gamblers due to the fact that there are over 100 Division I teams, and it is certainly not like basketball or hockey with 82 games played per team, and of course not like baseball where they play extended series match ups and 162 games.

There is a certain amount of control and focus in NFL betting that you don’t find in any other league. That helps to attract and keep football bettors engaged in the game each and every week.

Does it matter which country I live in when it comes to betting?

When you log on to a betting site such as Bovada, one of the first steps is setting up an account. If you are a resident of the United States, you are welcome at some NFL betting websites, such as Bovada which only takes US residents; these sites will verify your location from your credit card billing address, as well as your IP and other personal information – after all, if you want your money to be safe, you should provide the proper information.

However, if you are from the U.K., Canada, Europe or other locations, you will get a response saying, “We are sorry. Bovada is not available from your location. Click here for more information”. You simply follow the link and they will provide you with other options for NFL betting. Thankfully, American football wagers are available for European, UK punters and Canadian bettors at numerous gambling websites like Bet365. These should not be an issue for your location if you are outside of the US.

How do I pay for my NFL bets online?

One of the main things about betting on the NFL is how to make your first online betting account, and how to pay or deposit for your nfl bets. When UK and European punters make gambling accounts online, they have a wide variety of options such as Visa Credit, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Maestro, Solo, Moneybookers, Laser, and Neteller. Despite this, US NFL gamblers are locked into only a few initial deposit options, such as bank wires, VISA, and Western Union; within a few others if any more. Unfortunately, the reason for this lack of deposit and withdrawal options for US players is due to the UIEGA lockdown on internet gambling that took place in 2006. During this time, the U.S. government stated that the payment type needs to verify the users’ location as they were limiting gambling to US residents, mainly. For this reason, debit cards, and services like Money Pak, MoneyBookers, and others are not allowed for making an initial deposit on a legal U.S. betting site.

How to bet on the NFL and win

When it comes to gambling on the NFL, there are a multitude of wagering tips that are provided my handicappers, as well as some online sportsbooks, which teaching you how to bet on the NFL. These tips can vary from bankroll management, to research, to step by step process on gambling, to knowing which betting picks to get (if any).

Within the betting tips mentioned, some quick points to consider include watching for teams that have NFL coaches in hot water; these are normally good NFL teams to bet on, after all, the pressure to do well is motivating the coach of that team so that he does not lose their job. The same goes for new coaches that are looking to impress; although, you could see it the other way, such as lack of experience with the sport or players, or too much pressure to function properly when it counts.

However, the most common sense betting tips involve research to know the teams’ stats, weather, change of atmosphere, and injuries, within several other points. After all, you cannot place a bet on the NFL when certain players being out due to injuries or penalties brings down the whole team. A good example of this situation is the Indianapolis Colts. They won the 2010 division, but their 2010/2011 season flopped due to star player Peyton Manning being out for most of the season; so keep research as one of your main NFL betting tips.

You don’t need NFL betting picks

When it comes to betting on the NFL, one of the things that pops up online is the suggestion that you need a NFL betting pick from an expert known as a handicapper. Of course, these are usually presented as free betting picks and tips, but just a few as a taste, and if you like the picks, you can continue consulting this handicapper by buying their NFL wagering picks. That said, even thought they may come out to be great picks, you don’t really need them for the most part, you simply need to watch for the weather, and do some football research as mentioned above.

In addition to the common sense factors such as how well a team plays at home versus away games, the other obstacles include rain and snow, altitude, injuries, penalties, fatigue, etc. Obviously, if you are accustomed to playing in the sunshine and now you are in the cold, it will affect the way you play.

For this reason, always be sure to wait until the day of the game to place your NFL bet. This is especially true if you are betting on the winning score, after all, freezing temperatures are likely to bring the total score down, and of course, as mentioned before, just do some research, avoiding the need to buy NFL betting picks – although, they are useful too if you have the means to save some time and earn some fast money.

Will I really get a free $100 Super Bowl bet?

Believe it or not, online sportsbooks offer rebates for depositing, typically along the lines of 20% instant free bets and fast and free payouts. Is this true? Yes they are real, and the way that they are able to offer NFL betting is easy to unravel. Traditionally, when you go to a racetrack or land-based casino, you place a bet and when you win, you get a payout, no bonuses or promotions. These payouts are traditionally much better online due to the fact that the online betting sites pay less taxes and costs that the casino or racetrack encounter to cover their overhead as none-existent online, making room for comps, VIP treatment, and yes, promotions and bonuses such as rebates.

Like any sportsbook however, they do have a small fee, and this is referred to as the “take” or “vig” (short for vigorish), just a way of making their money for the service and security they provide – which in our opinion, is just a small fee to pay for some great odds and entertainment, not to mention possible online winnings.

Since there are less expenses online as mentioned above, the wagering websites will do elaborate things like teach you how to bet on the NFL as well as easily offer free Super Bowl bets, within other perks.

Best NFL Wagers

As with other sports, the NFL includes betting types and options such as futures wagering on the AFC, NFC, and league championships, as well as several prop bets available, which are entertaining side bets.

That said, the heart and soul of NFL betting is found in the point spread. Point Spread betting is the most common wager option chosen by gamblers, followed by the over/under and then money line. You will also be able to bet on parlays and various regular season props and round robins. Because of the parity in the league and the fact that so many point spreads are close, NFL parlays are very hard to get right, but potentially very lucrative.

In terms of the Super Bowl, it includes a range of proposition bets, including the coin toss, first points scored, total passing yards by a quarterback, MVP, and more. The best bets to make are the most common—point spread and over/under however.

You will also find money-line bets through the NFL season. You could also bet on the NFL preseason, but this is not as recommended given so many teams will be trying out their new players, plays and schemes, making these initial games very hard to handicap.

10 Winning NFL Betting Tips

Here are 10 additional NFL betting tips that will give you an edge at NFL Betting when considering your bets and teams to go for:

  1. Offensive lines are exceptionally important. Analyze them in terms of opening holes for the ground game and protecting the passer.
  2. Teams with strong defenses have a much better chance of winning than those with no or little “D” and a strong offense.
  3. Quarterbacks who have a quick release and accurate arms are hard to stop.
  4. Be wary of aging running backs. Most slow down after about a decade in the league.
  5. Always take into consideration a team’s field goal game. Remember that in the NFL, the margin of victory means nothing.
  6. Coaches, their coaching staffs and schemes are exceptionally important in winning. Handicap these when betting.
  7. Take into consideration the weather or lack of it before wagering.
  8. Injuries are often masked in this league. Try to find out as much as you can about key players and their health.
  9. Immobile quarterbacks are sitting ducks. Analyze them appropriately when is comes to facing a team with sack artists.
  10. Wager on about six to eight games a week. Find the best spreads that you can.

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Football, The Sport

The NFL is made up of two conferences, the NFC (National Football Conference) and the AFC (American Football Conference). Within each conference there are four divisions and each division has four teams with each being designated North, South, East and West.

Each football team plays a total of 16 regular season games during the course of 17 weeks. Every team is given one bye week during the season. Most games are played on either Sunday during the day or night and Monday night. However, during certain weeks there are also games scheduled for Thursdays and some rare Saturdays.

The NFL has a hard salary cap, which means unlike baseball, which really does not have a true salary cap, and basketball, which has a soft cap, professional football teams tend to be overall evenly matched. There is then more parity in the NFL than any other professional sport in the US, making wagering on football a tad more difficult.

Another aspect of the football sport that sets it off from others is the status of the NFL Draft. Of the four primary professional sports in the US, only the NFL has a draft that is heavily covered by the media and watched by the fans. That’s because so many of the players who are drafted will actually play and have an impact on a team.

If you are new to NFL betting or are not familiar with American football, you can spend a lot of time scrambling online to figure out how to bet on NFL football, also know as pro football betting. In addition to the wide variety of games throughout the season, the occasional bettor will often want to place a wager on a special event like the Super Bowl. Soon, you will know how to bet on NFL football with ease whether you are from the US, Canada, Europe or the UK.

The NFL Season

The NFL season is divided into three segments — the preseason, regular season and the NFL playoffs. The preseason starts in August and ends partway through September for a total of about four weeks; the regular season runs for 17 weeks and the playoffs go for another four or five weeks, ending with the championship game normally at end of January or beginning of February each year.

The regular season and playoffs together last for under six months. Now, in each conference there is a total of six teams that make the postseason. There are four division winners and two wild cards teams; these are teams with the second and third best records of all the football teams that did not finish first in one of the divisions, hence, normally designated as the Wild Cards. This means that a total of 12 teams make the playoffs.

The two top teams in each conference earn a bye-week for the first round of playoffs. The first round is known as Wild Card week. The bye teams then play the winners of the Wild Card games for Division titles. The third round sees two teams in each conference playing for either the AFC or NFC titles. Those two winners then play for the NFL championship in the Super Bowl.

The NFL is Tops Amongst Bettors

In the US, the NFL is probably the most bet on sport and the Super Bowl one of the most bet on events, and the ability to pick winners against the spread or other option is definitely a true art of entertainment due to the fact that on any given Sunday any NFL football team can beat another, unless you do your homework. So do your homework as mentioned above, including taking into consideration how the NFL Drafts may affect a team’s chances of winning.

Enjoy the NFL betting season; it’s one great ride!

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